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ABOUT phoenix

Phoenix Cymbals was founded by a family of four generations of drummers and we've learned a lot about cymbals
over the years.  Our wealth of experience hails from decades of performing and recording as well as and owning
several music stores on both coasts which carried all other major brands of cymbals. 

Being distributors of the other major brands, taught us a lot about cymbals.  So much so, that we decided to launch our own brand in 2020.

At Phoenix Cymbals, we're dedicated to crafting the finest cymbals money can buy and do so using age old traditions and bronzing techniques.


Our Master Bell Bronzer has more than 40 years experience and currently oversees all production of Phoenix Cymbals
ensuring that each and every Phoenix Cymbal meets or exceeds our high quality level of standards.

Make sure to check our Phoenix Cymbals “The Art of Cymbal Making” page which lays out our cymbal making process.

Happy Drumming from all of us here at Phoenix Cymbals! 

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